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We are the digitalization of tennis.

slamstr is reshaping the tennis experience with a digital and seamless solution that combines live scoring, efficient scorekeeping, match management and a community .

slamstr Board & App
slamstr Board & App
Sketch of the slamstr Scoring Board with score display. The functions and components of the board are described in the drawing.

Your tennis court goes digital with the slamstr board.

The slamstr Board revolutionizes tennis by making it possible for the first time to record scores digitally and transmit them live to our app. This creates a unique and interactive gaming experience that allows your friends and the community to participate in real time.

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Get ready to go and download the slamstr app and create an account with just a few clicks. Enjoy tennis live!

The iPhone displays the slamstr app screen where you can connect with your playing partner to start your match.
slamstr Sales & Tournament Management

Tournamentmanagement has never been so easy

Simplify tournament organization with the slamstr board. Whether you rent or buy, we equip your tennis tournament with our slamstr boards and ensure a smooth start with a comprehensive introduction. Our intuitive management software simplifies the coordination of match times, the management of players and the recording of results. We are also happy to provide you with comprehensive support for your entire tennis event.

a short text states that slamstr heralds a new era of tennis
a short text states that slamstr heralds a new era of tennis
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Upcoming features

An insight into the future functions of the slamstr app, with which we want to further drive innovation in tennis.

Driving innovation in sport and thereby offering players and clubs added value is our greatest concern. With slamstr, we are making tennis more accessible, digital and attractive.

Fabian Henger, Co-Founder slamstr

The six founders of slamstr GmbH. From left to right: Timm Wapper, Stefan Schreiner, Armin Zangerl, Fabian Henger, Simon Kneringer, Andreas

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